Why in Spain?

After 5 years of continuous efforts, the Sport Club Hommer Team 4x4 captained by Sergio Mirallas (European Champion 2017) and Mayte Álvarez (Team Leader Spain), finally get date for the celebration of the EuroTrial Spain 2018 on the occasion of its 20th anniversary in Spain. This small club has dedicated more than 15 years body and soul to the Trial 4x4 and has been responsible for the creation, introduction and development in Spain, of the 4x4 Trial competitions based on the European regulation, being protected by the international committee of the EuroTrial


Created in 1996 by a German 4x4 Club, the EuroTrial is the name given to the European 4x4 Trial Championship , covered by the international EuroTrial Committee formed by 17 countries . At that time, the project was defined as the theoretical and practical promotion of the driving ability of the pilots by conducting appropriate competitions.

Starting from this idea and with the creation of the EuroTrial international committee formed by about twenty countries, it has been giving form to what is now the EuroTrial, the most important Trial 4x4 competition in Europe and that has achieved recognition. worldwide , coming to be equated with the toughest American Rock-Crawling competitions .

It is an extremely high-profile car, which, although little known, has a long history over more than 20 years and therefore has a very high number of fans and fans , it is undoubtedly the most spectacular variant of how many make up the 4x4 world.

The EuroTrial brings together in the organizing country and once a year, around 100 and 200 teams from Germany, Austria, Australia, Belarus, Denmark, Slovakia, Spain, Finland, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Czech Republic, Russia, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland and Hungary, all of them competitors classified in their respective countries in first level competitions, all will fight to win the highest award in this modality of the whole continent, to be European 4x4 Trial champion.